The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club will provide a National Scholarship to one recipient, in addition, funds are allocated for scholarships to each of its five Frontiers (Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, Central and Western) for graduating High School Seniors.

​The National Scholarship Committee for NABSTMC is comprised of a Chairperson and a Representative from each of the five Frontiers. They shall be assigned as Points of Contact to represent their respective Frontier. Each Rep shall seek volunteers within their Frontiers to form a frontier selection committee. Frontier Reps have autonomy in their selection, as long as they are impartial, un-bias in the vetting process, and have some knowledge of the scholarship process and background. The Frontier representative and his/her committee will receive all scholarship applications from the national via email.

Beginning 2020, this is a fully automated process, with the exception of transcripts that should be sealed and mailed to the Reps by the student and/or school.  Packets will be vetted using two grading rubric, one for the application packet and one for the essay. Once selections are made, the Frontier Reps will forward the winner’s complete application packet to the National Scholarship Chair.  It is recommended that you maintain the application packets for one year in the event of an audit. Once the five frontiers winners are selected, the national committee will begin the process of selecting one national winner. The same scoring rubric will be used for all packets. The Chair will meet with the National Executive Board and provide the winner’s names to the dissemination of funds with National Treasurer.  Winners will be announced at the National Convention. It is our responsibility to keep this information confidential until we have completed the entire process. 


Marketing of the Scholarship Program

Members of the organization are encouraged to promote the scholarship program, as well as, ensuring the widest dissemination of the application packet to students. Another suggestion is announcing the scholarship at any annual event that a club is hosting. Our intention is to keep advertising the success of this program and to increase the number of scholarships. Applications will be disseminated by the Scholarship Committee to Chapter Presidents/Vice Presidents via email and/or will be posted under the Scholarship tab on the NABSTMC website.  Completed applications must be mailed directly to scholarship@nabstmc.com


Requirements of Each Applicant

    ACT/SAT Scores

    A minimum GPA of 2.5 un-weighted

    Official High School Transcript (or equivalent if home schooled)

    A 500 word essay on the topics described below

  Letter of recommendation on official letter head from a teacher/guidance counselor/school  administrator.

   Letter of recommendation for community service or volunteerism.

    A letter of acceptance to an institution of higher learning

    Signed Release Form (enclosed)

    Parent’s signature if student is under 18 years old

   Prepare a letter of introduction; who you are, your accomplishments to date, family background, and the degree to which you are seeking, and financial need.  Provide a brief summary on how you plan to use the scholarship if selected.

    Provide Student’s name, the complete name and address of the school and/or financial aid office where they will be attending school and student ID number.  Checks will be mailed to the school via the student’s account.

    Complete all forms in its entirety.  Attach additional pages if required.

    Incomplete packages will automatically be eliminated.



This program is open to any high school graduating senior that meets the requirements above, to include home school, as long as education can be verified.  Children of Buffalo Soldiers and/or Troopers are eligible to apply.



    The National President/Treasurer identifies the funds available for the scholarship program.

    Frontier Representatives are selected, and they choose committee members.

    Scholarship application deadline is May 15, 2020.


Selection Process

        Packets are vetted by frontier committee members.

        The same grading rubric will be used on all packets, no deviation.

        Once selections made, there should be 15 packets submitted to national chairperson in ranking   order (3 per frontier).

        The national committee will vet the national award.

        All winners announced at convention and checks disbursed to frontier chairperson/treasurer.

        It is the responsibility for frontier Reps to validate enrollment, in order for frontier treasurers to disperse checks to the institution the student is attending NLT Aug 15, 2020.  Failure to do so will result in voiding the check and returning funds.

    Any unused funds may be allocated by the National Scholarship Committee to applicants in any Frontier that were not among those selected.

    All winners should be determined within 30 days of the deadline.

    The Scholarship committee will notify the Frontier Chairman and Chapter that represents the winner.  A congratulatory letter should be prepared by the Frontier.

    The scholarship packets will remain with the National Scholarship Committee for audit for one year.  All winners’ names and pictures should be forwarded to the National Webmaster to post on the NABSTMC website. The National Winner will be invited to the National Convention.


Submitted by:


Roz “Big Block” Graves

Chair National Scholarship Committee